It’s not easy writing the foreword for a story that’s yet to be told. But I’ll tell you what we’re planning and hope that you’ll find the sound of that journey as intriguing as we do – and perhaps even join us on it.

In short, we want a digital home for our literary lives that feels like ours. Something that supports the authors, publishers and readers that makes up this ecosystem.

We want to build the best possible platform to collectively explore the ideas of the worlds greatest authors. Whether you’re reading for entertainment or learning, we want to give you the foundation for sparking conversations with the people you care about.

We want to go beyond reviews which are at best a subjective opinion closed for debate and — unless either scathing or glorifying — utterly boring.

We’re building Literal to let you share the most impactful moments of your reading and dive into what moves the people you care about.

Literal is built on the idea that trust beats algorithms in the game of recommendations and that we are all trusted by someone. Some by millions of followers and others by a close-knit group of friends.

We’re just getting started on the first chapter of Literal and hope that you’re up for joining us in writing the rest of the story.