How do you make money?

We love that you’re questioning how companies make money and want to be as transparent as possible about it.

We currently have two plans for our business model: 1. Selling books2. Paid clubs & tips.
Just to be clear – we don’t want to support Amazon, put up ads or sell your personal data.


Selling books

The goal here is not just to make money, but support creators, authors and book stores. We will roll this out step by step on a national level. You will be able to buy the books directly through Literal while we’re splitting the revenue with the person/creator/store that the book was discovered through.


Paid clubs & tips

To be honest, we’re still trying to figure out what the best way for this one is. We have received a lot of questions on if we will have this feature, as there are more and more authors and small influencers joining who are running Patreons or other forms of payments for the followers to support them. Again, with the goal to support the people curating and managing clubs. You can for example imagine an indie author launching a club for a small community of readers and asking them for feedback, doing Q&As and giving them insights in the writing process.