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I want to join, but when I try it only shows the waitlist. What can I do?

A community is a fragile thing and we want to get it right. So, we’re slowly letting everybody in as we find our footing while developing Literal. But good news! If you follow along on our social media, we frequently share invite links that we provide our collaborators. Keep a look out for these in stories and within the book community online for an early invite link! (literalclub on Instagram, Twitter & TikTok)


Do I have to start all over with my book tracking?

Definitely not! We give you the ability to transfer everything over by importing from your Goodreads library. This includes any reviews you’ve written, ratings, shelves, everything.

What if not all of my books get imported?

While this shouldn’t be a common issue, we want to assure you that we’re working towards acquiring as many books for our database as possible, as well as a system for uploading particular books that aren’t already present.

Books & search

I can't find a book

We’re working towards adding every possible book to our database, but as with most processes, it takes time. However, you can send us an email or add it yourself.


The search shows results for books in the languages you have set when creating your account.

You can always change this by going to your profile settings.


Do you have an iPhone/Android app?

Yes! We’re so happy we’re available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Our app also enables you to create highlights by simply scanning in the text you’re reading with your phone camera.

What are highlights and how do I create them?

We made it really simple for you to share highlights of what you’re reading. When sharing a link to a highlight on a social media platform or messenger, it will automatically create a nice looking preview of the text, including a book cover.

And what are shelves?

A shelf is a collection or a “playlist” of books. Feel free to also share these, e.g. curate a list of your favorites and link to it from your website or keep a wish list for others to see.

How do I remove a book from my library?

Click the three dots to the right of the book you’re selecting. Simply click the button of the shelf you want to delete it from to uncheck it!

How do I delete my account?

Oh no! We’re sorry to see you go. You can find the option to delete your account by going to your Settings and clicking the Advanced tab. Please also feel free to let us know if there’s any specific reason you’re going, because we always appreciate your feedback.


Do you have an API?

Of course! We love APIs and we do our best to automate everything tech. Our platform runs on GraphQL, which makes it very easy and convenient to share access to the Literal APIs with the community. You can find our documentation here.

Suggest a feature

We always appreciate your input and have made this an easy process for you. Visit our Feature ideas page to make suggestions and vote for existing ones.

You can also give us feedback by sending an email to support@literal.club.