A new kind of club

We love the classic book club where you meet up every now and then and discuss a book everybody has read. That being said, we know first hand how hard it is to make this work and wanted to create an online-first alternative. Something that works asynchronously, across time and borders.

Some handpicked recommendations:

About clubs

The best part about clubs is that you can use them in a traditional sense where you only discuss the book you’re all reading or as a hub to generate a plethora of discussions! These clubs help unite the book community from all over the world all directly managed from your phone or computer.

When you join, if a book you’re reading has been added to your club by the owner, any updates (reviews, highlights, notes) you make for the book will automatically appear in the book club’s feed.

Want to start your own club?

We love that you’re interested! It’s one of our newest features and in order to give you the best possible experience, we’d like it to be as perfect as possible before releasing it to everyone. However, you can send us an email to support@literal.club to let us know and we’ll get you started!