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4 months ago

Literal on Android

  • is on the Play Store
  • Built in text-recognition function
  • & all the features of our iOS and web app
5 months ago

Search: performance and quality

  • Search results now include book titles without an ISBN which should provide access to a wider range of books on the platform
  • The performance of the search has been significantly improved
5 months ago

Major performance improvements

  • Overall performance improvements across the platform, by optimising for large libraries
  • Loading of books in the library in a more efficient way
  • Optimised the loading of shelves and the associated book count
  • Optimised the loading of shelf-related info on book pages
5 months ago

Highlights via text recognition

  • Scan highlights directly from book pages with your phone’s camera
  • Pull out the phone, point at the page, and instantly create highlights
6 months ago

Moments are now called Highlights

We renamed “moments” to the more intuitive – “highlights”.

6 months ago

Activity in your network

  • Explore your friends’ activity on book pages
  • Explore other Literal member’s through their interaction with book pages

What else has changed:

  • Shelf activities in visible in the home feed now
  • Receive an in app notification when someone discovers a book through you
  • Receive an email notification when someone follows you
6 months ago


  • Discover people who’ve discovered books though you
  • Explore the “paper-trail” of the people who’ve read the same books
6 months ago

Our App is available on the Apple App Store

  • Find the Literal app on the iOS app store
  • Receive push notifications and keep up-to-date with your network’s activity
6 months ago

Feedback + Dropdown

  • You can send us feedback directly in the App
  • We’ve improved or dropdowns, especially on mobile
6 months ago

Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Review books and share them with your network
  • Half-star and (and even quarter-star) ratings

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